April Fools Roundup

Every year brings its new wave of April Fools Avoiders -  a group of individuals who flat out refuse to start their day on April 1st until post 12 o’clock. They wearily poke their heads out from under a duvet of denial as the hand ticks past 12pm and smugly begin execute their daily duties confident they’ll avoid all the pranks that come with April Fools.

NextUp Comedy are not part of this group! We love the pranks, we like to laugh at ourselves and at other people. We pride ourselves on delivering lol moments far and wide across the globe, which is why we couldn’t resist creating a few April Fool’s pranks of our own; the #Lologram and our exclusive launch of George Osborne’s brand new stand-up show were our attempts at trickery this year…did we get you?


Our Lologram device will deliver real-life 3d holograms of your favourite comedians, wherever you are, ensuring you are always in the front row.

We roped stand-up genius Ben Target into being the poster-boy for our futuristic tech device & created www.lologram.co.uk to add an extra layer of deceit to the prank.


We were delighted to announce that former chancellor George Osborne had managed to fit us into his increasingly busy schedule. Not only was he a dedicated MP, an advisor to Blackrock and an editor of the Evening Standard, he is also a seriously gifted gag-meister.

We announced that the Jack Dee of Westminster had launched his first ever stand-up special on NextUp! With classic Osborne gags such as "Knock knock? Who's there? Austerity!" - It was one not to miss!


We were not the only ones playing jokes on Saturday morning -  here’s a roundup of just 3 of our favorite April Fool’s pranks from the interweb. We’ve also rated them (however please bear in mind they bear no structural judging techniques at all).

1. PornHub

LOL rating 9/10 (Mainly for the amount of sheer panic that was undoubtedly spread)

We’ve all been there - minding our own business, searching the web when all of a sudden you’ve accidently shared a status to Facebook instead of searching on google or sent a bitchy screenshot to the ‘bitch-ee’.  It’s the 21st century, these things happen! Still, there’s no remedy for the red-hot pang of panic coursing through your veins, the unforgiving red face syndrome and the dull thud of regret when you realise there’s no way to correct the mistake.

How do you think you would have reacted to the notion of sharing the most private of your endeavours, the ones you probably don’t brag about, with your entire social circle?

We’ve been told* that many people enjoying their private time found out just that on Saturday morning as Porn Hub delightfully notified users that they had successfully shared their video onto all their social media accounts.

We’re pretty sure that an April Fool’s gag was probably the last thing on the user’s mind at the time this would have popped up, causing mass hysteria at the precise moment when relief was probably the desired emotion.

After undoubtedly clicking the ‘WTF, reverse this now!’ button, users were thankfully brought in on the joke.

*DISCLAIMER - we were told about this prank, we obviously didn't fall for it ourselves…

2. Lyft - Mono

LOL rating 10/10 (Because they essentially and unknowingly pranked themselves.)

Lyft Mono is a wearable tech handpiece which you attach to your hand, stick out your thumb and wait for your Lyft taxi to arrive. Genius, Right? Well, no. The whole essence of April Fool’s is to dupe your followers into believing that something is real when it is not.

However, Lyft have actually developed a working product and a working app. If you get your hands on one of the Mono devices, download the app and stick your thumb out in a Lyft active area, a cab will eventually arrive at your side.

They even put on a pop-up event in San Fransisco to showcase Mono and film the reactions of the understandably oblivious public. Whilst a hilarious prank, the word on the street is that Lyft themselves are the Fools as God only knows what developing a dozen of these working products, apps and adverts would have cost - especially when they had no intention of ever selling them...


LOL Factor - 6/10 (Beep-Bip-Beeep- Bip [Translation: 😂🙃😂🙃])

See a neighbour? Smiley Beep

Stuck in traffic? Sympathetic depressed beep

Road Rage? Angry beep

We’ve all been there, we could be sat waiting at traffic lights when all of a sudden, Susan from next door but one strolls over the crossing. Let’s give her a little toot toot and a wave.

And then before you know it, you’ve inadvertently caused a whole queue of traffic undue panic and pressure to move on a red light. If only there was another way. Honda’s April Fool solves just this problem. Express your real intentions with a different toned honk depending on the circumstance.

If only this was a real thing! Although in Britain we would need a “passive- aggressive-quiet tut -subtle-shake-of-your-head-despite-the-inner-rage” - emoji tone. Good luck with that one Honda!

Although we now we have an aching sadness that a few of the pranks we fell for aren’t really real products (Apart from Mono & automatic sharing of our most personal fantasies - obvs) we’re so happy to part of the prank family. See you next year April 1st!