Our Story

NextUp was founded in 2016 by the stand-up loving team behind the YouTube channel and live comedy night ComComedy, and the fee-free crowdfunding platform FringeFunder.

Having spent many years in the comedy world - filming shows, interviewing comedians and attending gigs, they noticed three key problems:

  1. Comedy fans often can’t attend their favourite comedian’s show due to its date, location, ticket availability or cost.
  2. Comedians work really hard to create a lovingly-crafted hour of comedy, showcase it at the Edinburgh Fringe, perhaps secure a tour off the back of it, but then after that all that work just disappears into the ether with no visual record.
  3. Despite the comedy industry being so broad, with such a wide variety of wonderful comedy talent to suit all tastes, what you see on TV isn’t an accurate reflection of that wonderful diversity.

NextUp seeks to right these wrongs by carefully curating for your joyful discovery the breadth of great comedy the industry has to offer, and bringing it to you anytime, anywhere.