Applications are currently open!
The deadline is 10am (BST) on July 10th 2017.

About The NextUp Fund
Here at NextUp we're determined to support the live comedy industry in as many ways as possible - whether you’re an act, venue or anybody in between. So...we've decided to launch ‘The NextUp Fund’ - a pot of £3,000 which we’ll be releasing once a year. For now, this is just a pilot scheme - if it goes well, we’ll increase the size and frequency.

What we're looking for
As this is our first pot, we're keeping our criteria fairly wide. What's important for now is that it supports the live comedy industry in some way - and the more people it benefits, the better. For example, if you require funds for a local comedy festival's PA system which will be used for multiple shows - benefiting audiences and comedians alike, that's more appealing to us than a comedian funding a new laptop. Just like the Arts Council or Lottery Funding, it would be nice to have our logo somewhere showing that we've helped. Example eligible activities include: performing, writing, educating, touring, promoting, celebrating, supporting, hosting and producing live comedy. 

How much you can apply for
Anything between £100 and £3000. It's worth bearing in mind that our pot is limited so lower amounts are more likely to be successful. And remember - we'd like to support as many people as possible, so if you apply for a larger amount, do let us know how your project benefits multiple people. 

Applications are currently open until 10am (BST) on July 10th 2017. 

We hate long and boring application forms, so we've tried to keep this as simple as possible and gather just the top line idea (no need for loads of detail as we'll ask if we're unsure of anything). It should only take 10 minutes to complete and do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.